The farm owned by the Montagnani family extends over an area of ​​approximately 7.30 hectares occupied mostly by olive trees, vineyards, a vegetable garden and farmyard animals. Despite its "modest" dimensions, it has nothing to envy to the larger companies, in fact you can find many food and wine products processed directly by Maris and her family, a tradition handed down from generation to generation as in most Tuscan families.
He had everything started by his grandfather Luigi who, despite being born at the end of the 1800s, was an avant-garde man of great talents and intellect. Maris, observing him in his work, learned from him the art of making wine and the production and slaughtering of pork, beef and poultry, traditions that he is now handing down with passion to his sons Roberto and Barbara.
At Villa Podere Lo Spadino you can in fact savor the true flavors of Tuscany of the past such as salted ham aged for at least 12 months, salami, sausages and other typical salamis, veal and poultry meat, as well as the excellent Tuscan extra virgin olive oil. to be used in the preparation of bruschetta and the genuine gold-colored honey produced by bees in the apiary of the company.